Bento, Braves and Behavior

Eden & I had the best and worst of times this past week. Though we typically laugh, play and ponder endlessly, every once in a while Daddy has to discipline. That’s right, my sweet, adorable, playful, giggly, little one can also display undesirable traits. Who would have thought?

Aren’t our kids supposed to be little angels all of the time? Shouldn’t they bring us breakfast in bed, keep their rooms clean, be respectful and make good grades? I mean, that’s what we sign up for – right? Ha! We wish!

I have worked with many families and the consensus is this; no two families are the same. Every family is unique. Sure, there are common similarities, but there are even more differences. I cannot say that most families are blissful, and I cannot say that most families are dysfunctional. However, I can say all families have potential and I have so much fun seeing families grow closer.

Evan was so defiant, but after intentional, focused time with him, the parents couldn’t stop sharing with me their gratitude for the progress they experienced.

Kelly’s family was already very close, though. I applauded them for allowing me to help them stay close. I love helping families Get In & Stay In with each other.

It’s so much fun at home as well. The strategy keeps me on my toes. I cannot assume what was said last week is still true for this week. We, all people, are always changing. For instance, I cannot tell you how many times her favorite color has changed. One week is pink, then another it’s green. I remember one day, the words rainbow came from her lips. I was like…”rainbow?!” I guess rainbow can be a favorite color.

I enjoy the changes, but I also like when things stay the same. It’s much easier on the brain that way. When we frequent Cowfish, for Daddy-Daughter time or a Family Date Night, I can rest assured that she will cheerfully tell our server that she would like the kid’s Ninja Nuggets with mac-n-cheese and sliced apples.

Oh if kids were always predictable. But how fun would that be? Not much after a while. Spontaneity, shifts, phases, growth and milestones are what celebrations are made of!

Eden changes around friends too. After sleepovers, it takes a couple of days before I see Eden again. She’s usually wearing the personality of her friend of cousin. I get it though. Sometimes we are different depending on the person(s) we’re with.

That was not the case at The Battery though. Eden was her usual self — full of energy and zeal — running through with lawn with her cousin. A great time was had by all.

Though, sometimes we have to stall the great times to have tough conversations. I received a text that Eden wasn’t being kind. After responding back and forth to gain clarity, it was clear that it was time — time for discovery.

We got to talk as a family and discovered more of how Eden thinks, feels and expresses. It was great to get in the same page about things. We loved it, but Eden is still deciding how she felt about it. However, she has been better ever since.

Gauging what to do when isn’t something that fits into an easy formula. Parenting is a journey of discovery, adventure and trial & error. I love it!

Until next time…