He Does So Well With Mother’s Day

That’s what a mom recently expressed to me as she prepares to celebrate her husband on Father’s Day. He had done such a great job celebrating her on Mother’s Day, but she felt clueless as to what to do to celebrate him on Father’s Day. Enter the Getting In strategy.

In our brief time together, I took about two minutes to explain what she could do to get a grasp on what will blow his mind. Her eyes lit up and sparks flew as an epiphany occurred in her mind. This was a big moment. Never before had she imagined how easy and realistic it could be to make such a profound and lasting impression on him.

I cannot wait to her what she comes up with and how he responds. I can picture her giddy with expectation and him falling in love with her all over again. Are you looking to wow him on Father’s Day? Let me help!

The simple, four-step strategy has a way of further solidifying already strong bonds or making monumental first impressions. Don’t get him a nicer version of last year’s gift. Knock his socks off! Uncover the warm and fuzzy feeling that has laid dormant.

Over the years, we can forget the joys of the early days of cat and mouse. We get the jewelry, ties, socks, and spa days – which are fine, if that’s what ignites the firworks. But what would happen if we thought a little deeper than that? We could met a major need or fulfill a dream? Who knows?

Getting In helps to make birthdays, holidays and other celebrations unforgettable. An expectancy builds that we don’t have to disappoint. And the best part is, it doesn’t always have to cost money!

I look forward to helping make this a Father’s Day that many of us will not forget.

Enjoy Life!