They Used It On Me

What a day. We rushed. We rushed all day. The flyers, certificates and sign-in sheets were printed, cut and picked up. One stop done. The gift cards were purchased. Two stops done. Groceries were picked up and set up in the lobby. Three stops done.

Then navigating from Dunwoody to College Park through the newly worsened Atlanta traffic, caused by the I-85 bridge collapse. The rush was still on. Wait. I forgot to order the food! The slow motion traffic allows plenty of time to call in the catering order.

Now to take additional groceries to our satellite location – only to load even more groceries into the cargo van upon arrival. But wait. First, we need to shoot a quick video. Now we can head to the distribution location. We arrived. The rush took a pause.

Five minutes later, we were back at it. The line formed quickly and we were able to serve 70+ families with groceries for the week.

Now back to College Park. The rush continues. We have people to celebrate! Oh no! I forgot the ice! I make a pitstop for the ice. I finally arrive at the office. A few final touches and we’re ready for the party. We colored. We ate. We laughed. We played. We learned. We honored. What a great time celebrating our key volunteers. But before we ended, a surprise gift is giving to me.

I was so appreciative. Thank yous never get old and gifts make them even better. I finally make it home and realize how special this surprise gift was. They used my strategy on me.

You see, a few weeks ago I led a workshop teaching our leadership team the four steps to Getting In. Now, I am a recipient of strategy and boy does it feel good.

I received something I had been wanting, but not only that. It was the right color and quality. It was perfect. There are millions of different types and styles of this gift around the world. They could have gotten any. But I received the perfect one.

That is what results from mastering the Getting In strategy. Interested in learning more?