We Were Supposed to Start a Show

January 2017 was going to be the start of an amazing journey. Eden & I were going to start an adventure together.

I had the idea of us launching a show that showed our unique relationship, how I parent, and how she feels about it. It was going to be fantastic!

She was all about it until we shot the first episode. I had forgotten the complexity of shooting video. Multiple takes and remembering lines were too much for her short attention span. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Now when I ask if she is ready to shoot, she says “nah.” I totally understand. Who wants to go through all of that when they could do something more fun, like using their imagination and construction paper to make surprise cards?

Well, one of these days, the show will come. We just won’t worry about scripts and takes. We will go the raw, unedited route. So stay tuned. We look forward to giving you a glimpse into our relationship.

You will get to see a little bit of how I lead around relationships, homework, bedtime and more. Until then, you can spot us and other happenings on my personal Instagram.

Enjoy Life!