What The Ears and Eyes Capture

[Written for the workplace, but useful for all.]

He always comes in rocking a t-shirt representing the tech industry. Yep! He sure does. It never fails. Usually he gets Chick-fil-A for lunch. He constantly informs you of the latest technology trends. A daily cup of coffee nestles ever so sweetly into the palm of his hand upon arrival.

She usually wears floral prints. You’ve even seen a floral decoration adorning her rearview mirror. Lately, she won’t stop talking about the Rocky movie series. Her attention to detail is impressive and if someone needs something, it’s hard to beat her to meeting that need.


Those two, brief examples are what it looks like to State The Obvious at work. It’s amazing what you don’t realize you realize. When you take a moment to State The Obvious about a direct report, coworker, or employee, you will be surprised at what your ears and eyes have captured.

I recently sat down with a business owner to discuss implementing the Getting In strategy in one of his companies. He surprised me with how much he already knew about his team. Prior to us meeting, he had taken intentional steps to connect in the workplace. Now, he can take the connection to a deeper level. Would you enjoy a leader like that? Here’s one of the statistics via Access Perks:

80% of employees would work more hours and 60% would take a pay cut to work for a more empathetic employer (Businessolver)

What would our work cultures look like if more business owners cared like that? What would it look like to have a culture of genuine concern? It doesn’t necessarily have to start at the top though. What if we chose to care first? Whatever title we have or role we play, we can create remarkable environments.

It can all start with a pen and paper. Maybe you prefer your fingertips against a keyboard. Or, just forget it – use dictation why don’t you. Whatever your method of scribing, I encourage you to get started now.

Someone sitting next to you, down the hall, a couple floors up, or even in the parking lot could use a meaningful relationship. And that relationship could blossom – creating a much more pleasant interaction as well as a more enjoyable work environment. Be the catalyst for that. State The Obvious now.


We started with brief descriptions of two people. The examples are real people. With that information, it’s easier to take your encounter further than a “Hi! How are you?” We are able to delve into discovering more about technology and Rocky. Better yet, we could inquire more at Chick-fil-A.

Our coworkers, staff and direct reports will be shocked, inspired and relieved that coming to work will be a little bit more blissful going forward.

Until next time…

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