What’s a Favorite Color Matter?

[Written for parents, but useful for all.]

I cannot tell you how many parents wish they had a closer relationship with and a better understanding of their kids. From toddler to teenager, the mind changes so much — information, thoughts, preferences, decision-making and ideas. If we’re not aware, we can lose sight of what’s going on with and what matters most to our kids.


It all started with pink. She knew her colors then and I could finally ask the question, “What is your favorite color?” “Pink,” she says. And I smile. Finally!

Finally, I know something specific that will make a toy a better toy, make a blanket a better blanket, or make a dress a better dress. Oh how that matters so much.

You know the feeling, right? I received some flip-flops recently, but what made them extra special was that they were white – my favorite color. Hey, did you know white is the sum of all colors?

Anyway, they could have gotten any color. They actually could have purchased any gift. But they chose to find out what I was wanting at the time and that my favorite color is white. So imagine how I felt when I opened it. The usual feeling of receiving a gift was elevated exponentially.

What would it be like to always give and receive that way? It’s like the golden rule. Do to others what you’d like done to you. That’s what I try to take into consideration when connecting with others.

That was the point of me figuring out my daughter’s favorite color. I want each gift to be more intentional. I want each interaction to communicate a much more purposeful relationship. That’s what Getting In does.

Getting In communicates that you care more than most. It leaves a wow. Someone walks away thinking, “they truly care about me.”

So start small. Start with a color. Step 1 of the strategy is to State The Obvious. Here, you’re writing down what you already know about your child. This is where you put their favorite color. Don’t know? Then simply ask your son or daughter, “What’s your favorite color?” Then, write it down. Write it in pencil though because the color can change quite often. Well, that’s the case with my daughter.

Knowing this color will make a huge difference.

Be intentional a month or so before milestone moments to find out what the current favorite color is so you can celebrate more specifically.

Until next time…

What Next?

Already know their favorite color and ready to learn more? Let me know!