Making Neighbors Out of Strangers

[Written for the community, but useful for all.]

We drove up loop after loop after loop. It’s pretty nerve-racking but that’s what you have to do when you live on the fifth floor. Parking decks – whatcha gonna do.

We finally made to the top level – our level, the fifth floor. I back in as usual and in front of me I read, OBIJOHN on a license plate. I was a little thrown off until I see Star Wars stickers on the rear windshield. They must be a Star Wars fanatic.

13.1 and 26.2 are the stickers I see on the crossover vehicle next to the Star Wars SUV. I can assume that I have a neighbor that has done or is preparing for half and full marathons. It turns out that she does those and more.


When we State The Obvious, just point out that – the obvious. It helps to set up Step 3, Getting In.

Getting In with my neighbors started with me mentioning Star Wars and marathons. We have since connected beyond that and helped each other in various ways. I have only lived here for seven months.

And those are just two of my neighbors. By being intentional about Getting In with them, I’ve been able to, meet their families, celebrate marriage proposals and a new home purchase, see deeper into their businesses and more.

What do you notice about your neighbors that could kick off great friendships? We don’t have to think too much. Simply point out the obvious. Step outside the door, into the driveway, or peek out of the window if you are a little nervous.

Does she keep the lines meticulously straight in her yard? Does he go for a jog every night? Do their kids ride bikes or use sidewalk chalk? Write it down!

Then we can move on to Step 2 — Research. The point of this work is to genuinely connect with the people that live the closest to you. You may meet your new best friend or discover a resource you’ve always driven 30 minutes away to obtain.

Until next time!

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